MANUFUTURE 2011 Conference 24 - 25 October 2011
West and East Europe in global High Added Value Manufacturing


Within the conference programme the following main events are planned:



17:00 International Advisory Committee meeting
20:00 Informal Welcome reception at Town Hall of Wroclaw


08:00 Registration

Official Conference Opening /Auditorium/
chair: Prof. Edward Chlebus - Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

09:00 Marshall of Lower Silesia Region - Rafał Jurkowlaniec
President of Wroclaw - Rafał Dutkiewicz
Vice-Minister of Economy - Grażyna Henclewska
Minister of Science and Higher Education - prof. Barbara Kudrycka
Rector of Wroclaw University of Technology - prof. Tadeusz Więckowski
Director of Directorate G – Industrial Technologies, DG Research and Innovation (RTD), European Commission – Herbert von Bose

PLENARY SESSION 1 /Auditorium/:
Implementation of ManuFuture Strategic Research Agenda
chair: Dr. Filip Geerts - CECIMO, Belgium
Dr. Eberhard Bessey – DAIMLER AG, Germany

09:40 The role of Manufacturing for the European Economy
Mr Herbert von Bose - Director of Directorate G – Industrial Technologies, DG Research and Innovation (RTD), European Commission

10:00 European Industry in High Added Value Global Manufacturing - facts and challenges
Prof. Heinrich Flegel - Chairman of ManuFuture HLG, Member of the Supervisory Board, Daimler AG, Germany

10:20 Next Generation Manufacturing
Prof. Engelbert Westkämper - Member of ManuFuture ISG, former Director of Fraunhofer IPA, Germany

10:40 European Innovation Partnership - New Industry
Prof. Francesco Jovane - Chairman of ManuFuture ISG, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

11:00 Session closing

11:05 Coffee break (Restaurant, Bistro, Foyer 1, Foyer 2)

PLENARY SESSION 2 /Auditorium/:
High Added Value in Global Manufacturing
chair: Prof. Engelbert Westkämper - Fraunhofer IPA, Germany
co-chair: Prof. David Williams - Loughborough University, UK

11:30 PPP 'Factories of the Future' current stage and perspectives
Dr. Massimo Mattucci - COO, COMAU SpA, Chairman of EFFRA, Italy

11:50 Why and how to keep European Advanced Manufacturing globally
Dr. Filip Geerts - General Director, CECIMO, Belgium

12:10 Mining Machines Producer on Global Market
Dr. Andrzej Meder - CEO, ZMM KOPEX Group, Poland

12:30 Session closing
12:35 Lunch (Multi-functional Hall)

Advancements in Manufacturing R&D


/Conf. room A/
/Conf. room B/
/Conf. room C/
/Conf. room D/
/Meet. rooms A-D/
New emerging manufacturing
science and technologies
ManuFuture sub-platforms
ManuFuture National and Regional initiativesEU Success Stories
ICT and e-Manu-facturing
chair: Christoph Hanisch,
FESTO, Germany
chair: Arun Juani, TNO, Netherlands
chair: José Carlos Caldeira,
INESC Porto, Portugal
chair: Andrea Gentili,
European Commission
chair: Darek Ceglarek, University of Warwick, UK
chair: Herbert Wirth,
KGHM SA, Poland
co-chair: Sue Dunkerton, TWI Ltd, UK
co-chair: Augusta Maria Paci, DPM - CNR, Italy
co-chair: Michel Carton, CETIM, France
co-chair: Anna Voseckova, Czech Liaison Office for Research and Development, Belgium
co-chair: Bożena Skołud, Gliwice University of Technology, Poland
co-chair: Milan Grohol, European Commission

15:00 Coffee break (Restaurant, Bistro, Foyer 1, Foyer 2)

PLENARY SESSION 3 /Auditorium/:
Cooperation and Partnership of EU countries
with New Members States (NMS),
Balkan Countries as well as EECA Region and Turkey
– facts and challenges
chair: Prof. Volodymyr Kovalenko - National Technical University of Ukraine 'KPI', Ukraine
co-chair: Dr. Daniel Richet - CETIM, France

15:30 R&D in Russia and the possibility of cooperation with the EU in
the framework of European and international programs
Prof. Sergey Serebriannikov - Rector of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Russia

15:50 View from EECA region
Prof. Sergey Sidorenko - Vice-Rector, National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI", Ukraine

16:10 New Member States' perspective on West-East Europe today's cooperation
Prof. Milan Gregor - President, CEIT Žilina – Central European Institute of Technology, Slovakia

16:30 Creating a business and technology infrastructure for innovation
Dr. Dalibor Marijanović - General Manager, Business Innovation Center of Croatia (BICRO), Croatia

16:50 ManuFuture and the Gap between East and West
Prof. Ömer Anlağanformer Vice-President, TÜBITAK, Turkey

17:10Round table debate moderated by Prof. Michał Kleiber (President of Polish Academy of Sciences),
related to CSF ideas and EU Strategy 2020/2030 with participation of:
Prof. Jerzy Buzek
(President of Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology),
Prof. Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski
(President of National Centre for Research and Development - NCBiR),
Prof. Heinrich Flegel
(DAIMLER AG, President of ManuFuture HLG),
Herbert von Bose
(European Commission),
Prof. Sergey V. Serebriannikov (Rector of Moscow Power Engineering),
Prof. Anders Flodström
and Prof. Ömer Anlağan (former vice-President of TUBITAK).

17:50 Session closing
18:00 Transfer to hotels and back to conference venue

19:30 Special multimedia fountain show followed by Dinner (Multi-functional Hall)


08:00 Registration

PLENARY SESSION 4 /Auditorium/:
West-East Europe Industrial Cooperation in Innovation- case studies
chair: Mr Krzysztof Gulda - Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland
co-chair: Dr. José Carlos Caldeira - INESC Porto, Portugal

08:30 Cooperation in innovation of manufacturing systems for Medium Size
Technology Companies
Dr. Hans-Martin Schneeberger - President and CEO, Schneeberger Holding AG, Switzerland

08:50 Danube Strategy and Turkey's Role in the Region within the Context
of High Added Value Manufacturing, Environment and Logistics
Dr. Bilge Imer - Aselsan Inc., Turkey

09:10 Environmental Technology in the Volvo Bus Cooperation
Mr Detmar Kampmann - President, Volvo Poland Industry

09:30 Session closing
09:40 Transfer to parallel events

Parallel Events
Industrial visits
Brokerage event (09:00 - 12:30)
/Conf. room C-D/
Special session related to ManuFuture Village Umbrella Initiative 'South East Europe Contributions for the New Industries European Innovation Partnership'
/Conf. room A/

chair: Liviu Jalba, Microelectronica SA, Romania
co-chair: Engelbert Westkämper, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany

Special session related to Micro- and Nanomanufuture in the frame of CSA MINAM 2.0
/Conf. room B/

chair: Neophytos Neophytou, European Comission
co-chair: Susan Anson, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

12:30 Lunch (Multi-functional Hall)

West-East Europe cooperation support and interaction
/Conf. room A/
/Conf. room B/
/Conf. room C/
/Conf. room D/
Old and New EU Member States today’s partnership
SMEs in transforming European economies
Public engagements activities
Effective models of academia-research-industry cooperation
Industrial education
chair: Edward Chlebus, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
chair: Anne Mallaband, European Commission
chair: José-Lorenzo Vallés,
European Commission
chair: Rikardo Bueno, Tecnalia, Spain
chair: George Chryssolouris, University of Patras, Greece
Co-chair: Elisabeth Sagström, Swerea IVF AB, Sweden
co-chair: Tatjana Sibalija, European University, Serbiaco-chair: Alexander Pogany, BMVIT, Austria
co-chair: Katrin Reschwamm, EUrelations AG, Switzerland
co-chair: Zsuzsanna Mokry, National Innovation Office, Hungary

PLENARY SESSION 5 /Auditorium/:
Conference closing
Chair: Herbert von Bose – European Commission
Prof. Heinrich Flegel – ManuFuture HLG, Daimler AG, Germany

15:15 Wrap-up of chosen special sessions and parallel workshops
             M-FUTURE2011 project summary (FUMAT 2011 and MANUFUTURE 2011
             Official ceremony of the William Millar ManuFuture Award

16:00    Ceremony of hanging over the ManuFuture flag to Germany
            and closing the conference