MANUFUTURE 2011 Conference 24 - 25 October 2011
West and East Europe in global High Added Value Manufacturing

Plenary Sessions

During ManuFuture 2011 conference five Plenary Sessions will be organised and they will concern following aspects:

Implementation of ManuFuture Strategic Research Agenda

This introducing session is devoted to underline the significant role of manufacturing for the European economy, to present the actual state of activity of European industry in High Added Value global manufacturing as well as to highlight the vision of future manufacturing considering joined European countries with the common goal of creating wealth, growth and jobs for Europe as the main ambition of ManuFuture Strategic Research Agenda.

High Added Value in Global Manufacturing

During this plenary session the important question regarding keeping European Advanced Manufacturing globally competitive will be answered and issue of High Added Value global manufacturing will be presented from the point of view of Private-Public-Partnership initiative as well as, as an interesting case, from the point of view of a global East European industrial company.

Cooperation and Partnership of EU Countries with New Members States (NMS), Balkan Countries as well as EECA region and Turkey– facts and challenges

The plenary session will deliver ideas how to strengthen and turn networking in manufacturing R&D inside Europe and beyond into success of European manufacturing. The session will be partially held as the plenary discussion, and several key panelists and stakeholders will confront different points of view and different experiences. Questions, answers, and comments from the public will be strongly welcome.

West-East Industrial Cooperation in Innovation- case studies

This plenary session will be focused on case studies from different parts of Europe showing that West-East Europe industrial cooperation in innovation is already the fact and what should be done to make the partnership broad, intensive and effective for strengthening the European manufacturing.

Conference Closing - summing up and official ceremony of the William Millar ManuFuture Award

This plenary session has symbolic meaning with the aim to encourage manufacturers and researchers on manufacturing for putting further strong effort together in aid of development of European manufacturing to higher level of advancement and innovation to create wealth, growth and jobs for Europe.