PLENARY SESSION 1: Implementation of ManuFuture Strategic Research Agenda

Heinrich Flegel European Industry in High Added Value Global Manufacturing – facts and challenges  presentation

Engelbert Westkämper Next Generation Manufacturing presentation

Francesco Jovane European Innovation Partnership – New Industry presentation



PLENARY SESSION 2: High Added Value in Global Manufacturing

Massimo Mattucci PPP “Factories of the Future” current stage and perspectives presentation

Filip Geerts Why and how to keep European Advanced Manufacturing globally competitive? presentation

Anders Flodström Added value production for and by human beings – a new EIT KIC presentation



PLENARY SESSION 3: Cooperation and Partnership of EU Countries with New Members States (NMS), Balkan Countries as well as EECA region and Turkey– facts and challenges

Sergey V. Serebriannikov R&D in Russia and the possibility of cooperation with the EU in the framework of European and international programs presentation

Sergey I. Sydorenko View from EECA region presentation

Milan Gregor New Member States' perspective on West-East Europe today's cooperation presentation

Dalibor Marijanoviæ Creating a business and technology infrastructure for innovation presentation

Ömer Anlağan ManuFuture and the Gap between East and West presentation



PLENARY SESSION 4: West-East Industrial Cooperation in Innovation- case studies

Hans-Martin Schneeberger Cooperation in innovation of manufacturing systems for Medium Size Technology Companies presentation

Bilge Imer Danube Strategy and Turkey’s Role in the Region within the Context of High Added Value Manufacturing, Environment and Logistics presentation

Detmar Kampmann Environmental Technology in the Volvo Bus Cooperation presentation



WS1.1 New emerging manufacturing science and technologies 


1.1.1      David Williams Manufacturing of Cell Therapies presentation

1.1.2      Adnan Akay Emerging Sciences and Value-Added Manufacturing presentation

1.1.3      Vladimir Popov Development of Metal Matrix Composites with Nanodiamond Reinforcements presentation

1.1.4      Reijo Tuokko Desktop factories – actual knowledge status and experiences from Far East presentation

1.1.5      Chris Grovenor Materials Manufacturing in Oxford presentation


WS1.2 ManuFuture sub-platforms 


1.2.1      Peter Pickel Demands for Research on Smart Sustainable Bio-Production under EU Framework Programmes presentation

1.2.2      Emanuele Carpanzano European Footwear Technology Platform presentation

1.2.3      Alessandro Sciolari European Concept in the Horizon 2020 Program presentation

1.2.4      Rui Tocha European Tooling presentation

1.2.5      Udo Gommel Paving the ground for the second generation of a highly effective, application oriented Micro-Nano Manufacturing community in Europe presentation


WS1.3 ManuFuture National and Regional Initiatives


1.3.1      José Carlos Caldeira Introduction to the subject presentation

1.3.2      Slawomir Susz Polish Technology Platform of Production Processes and CINNOMATECH Cluster presentation

1.3.3      Andere Goirigolzarri The importance of ERA-NETs as a complementary tool of European programmes: MANUNET presentation

1.3.4      Charlotte Andersdotter The innovation Union - how can regional and national technology platform initiatives contribute to achieve the goals of  the Innovation Union? presentation

1.3.5      Sadik Engin Kilic Manufuture-Tr: A New Partner to Manufuture of Europe presentation


WS1.4 EU Success Stories 


1.4.1      Quan Zhou Efficient and precise 3D integration of heterogeneous microsystems from fabrication to assembly presentation

1.4.2      Christof Eberst Robotics-enabled logistics and assistive services for the transformable factory of the future presentation

1.4.3      Joseba Perez Bilbatua ASPIRATE Success story: Innovative technology for machining CFRP composite and other added value materials presentation


WS1.5 ICT and e-Manufacturing


1.5.1      Rolf Riemenschneider Perspectives of the Digital Factory research in the context of the Factories of the Future PPP presentation

1.5.2      Uwe Kubach Business Web: Enabling cloud-based, flexible and mobile business processes for the manufacturing industry presentation

1.5.3      Mariusz Cholewa Product lifecycle management in distributed business environment presentation

1.5.4      Bo¿ena Sko³ud Data exchange for integration of production planning and production order verification  for SME presentation

1.5.5      Martin Landherr Carmen Constantinescu Digital Factory in Grid and Cloud Environments presentation


WS1.6 Future Mining


1.6..1     Horst Hejny Per-Eric Lindvall FP7 IntelliMine project – an industry response in implementation of the new EU Raw Materials Initiative presentation

1.6.2      Krzysztof Barrek Opportunities for "Lean Mining" implementation in underground mining presentation

1.6.3      Henryk Karaœ Novel underground mining methods with the use of hydraulic powered roof support and continuous mining in KGHM copper mines presentation

1.6.4      Johan Hedlin Smart Mine of the Future presentation

1.6.5     Peter Pickel Smart Sustainable Bio-Production Integrating Control Architectures Governing Advanced Mobile and Stationary Production Systems presentation



WS2.1 Old and New EU Member States today’s partnership

2.1.1      Eduardo Beltrán de Nanclares Echezarreta MONDRAGON Corporation: Integration between research, higher education and innovation/ business (knowledge triangle) in high added value Manufacturing presentation

2.1.2      László Monostori New ways and results of R&D cooperation between the old and new EU member states presentation

2.1.3      Henrikas Mykolaitis Experiences from the point of view of Lithuania regarding East-West Europe partnership presentation

2.1.4      Adam Mazurkiewicz Innovative activity in prototype and unit production for the support of  sustainable development presentation


WS2.2 SMEs in transforming European economies

2.2.1      Umit S. Bititci Developing the Adaptive Capabilities of Manufacturing SMEs across Europe presentation

2.2.2      Petar B. Petrovich National Technology Platforms of Serbia – ICT SMEs as a Catalyst for Recovery of Manufacturing Industry in Serbia presentation

2.2.3      Juhani Rantalainen CSM-Hotel - a new opportunity to SME manufacturers presentation

2.2.4      Mykola Novikov Development of the Technological Excellence Centre in Superhard Materials and High Technologies of mechanical machining for activation of the participation in the Euro program MANUFUTURE presentation

2.2.5      Nico Sergent Riversimple. Innovative business model and barriers to success presentation


WS2.3 Public engagements activities

2.3.1      Geoff Pegman Interim Assessment of the Research PPPs in the European Economic Recovery Plan presentation

2.3.2      Hans-Rudolf Helfer PRO FACTORY PLUS the alternative funding tool for innovative SME's  presentation

2.3.3      Andrzej Siemaszko Production Processes - Polish Perspective presentation

2.3.4      Michael S Packianather I*PROMS Network of Excellence, its challenges and its achievements presentation


WS2.4 Effective models of academia-research-industry cooperation 

2.4.1      Dan Nagy Global Research Collaboration Under the IMS Manufacturing Technology Platform Program presentation

2.4.2      Shinji Naruo Japanese social mechanism that enabled rapid growth in the past presentation

2.4.3      Timo Rainio FMS- Training Center - 12 years of successful cooperation between industry and education presentation

2.4.4      Anja Techel Successful cooperation of R&D institutions and industry - the Fraunhofer model presentation


WS2.5 Industrial education

2.5.1      George Chryssolouris On a Vision for Manufacturing Education presentation

2.5.2      Volodymyr Kovalenko Some ideas how to improve the efficiency of modern engineering education presentation

2.5.3      Malcolm Hannaby Closing the gap between concept and commercialization presentation

2.5.4      Alfred A. Gates Manufacturing Education at CCSU and Trends in Manufacturing in Connecticut and New England presentation



Special session – MINAM CSA 2.0


SP1.1    Markus Dickerhof MINAM2.0 CSA and MINAM presentation

SP1.2    Christoph Hanisch Is microtechnology already state for the art? presentation

SP1.3    Christine Neuy Industry and regional clusters in MINAM presentation

SP1.4    Geza Haidegger Christian Wögerer Interaction with other European Initiatives with focus on East West Cooperation presentation

SP1.5    Svetan Ratchev MINAM SRA - Addressing the Future Challenges in Micro and Nano Manufacturing presentation

SP1.6    Susan Anson EUMINAfab –MINAM Service partner presentation



Special session – ManuFuture Village Umbrella Initiative


SP2.1    Ionel Andrei Coordination, collaboration and trust. What kind of Partnerships? presentation

SP2.2    Augusta Maria Paci Track support to fill up the EIP New Industry form from a Country level to a common goal presentation

SP2.3    Sadik Engin Kilic ManuFuture-Tr: A New Partner to Manufuture of Europe presentation

SP2.4    Tatjana Sibalija ManuFuture Village: past, present and future presentation

SP2.5    Asil Ersoydan Romanian Structural Funds addressed by joint Romanian-Turkish efforts addressing new telecommunication technologies, NFC presentation

SP2.6    Vidosav Majstorovich Serbia's ManuFuture Research Agenda: research results presentation

SP2.7    Simina Fulga Public-Private Partnership Initiative for Manufacturing Technology Transfer in Romania presentation