MANUFUTURE 2011 Conference 24 - 25 October 2011
West and East Europe in global High Added Value Manufacturing

Lower Silesia Region

Lower Silesia is located in south-western part of Poland. Industrial sectors which are present in Lower Silesia are: copper metallurgy, engineering industry, automotive industry, chemical industry, minerals mining and processing, clothing industry, furniture industry and textile industry. In order to boost economic development of some regions of Poland, special economic zones were established within the country. Investors in any of those areas are offered tax allowances and simplified administrative procedures while setting up their businesses.

Lower Silesia is one of the richest regions in Poland. GDP per capita in 2008 accounted for 107.6% of the average for the country.

Thousands of tourist come to Lower Silesia every year. They are attracted by the local culture, splendid monuments, unusual views and unique natural beauty. Well developed tourist accommodation, interesting cuisine, beautifully furnished shops and a high standard of service with relatively low prices compared to Western Europe all make for a region gladly visited by foreign guests.


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