MANUFUTURE 2011 Conference 24 - 25 October 2011
West and East Europe in global High Added Value Manufacturing

City of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the main academic and industrial centre of the Lower Silesia Region and one of the most important in Poland. Wroclaw offers place for incubating companies through establishing Wroclaw Technology Park, Wroclaw Industrial Park as well as Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park.

Wroclaw is the fourth largest city in Poland and the largest one in the west of the country. Its surface area is 293 km2, and it is inhabited by over 630 000 citizens.

The unusual history of Wroclaw, constantly enriched by the prestigious scientific and cultural events, combined with Polish hospitality and openness of the city, guarantee that everyone who comes here will certainly see and experience something interesting, regardless of the fact if spends several hours or several days in the city.

Wroclaw is a unique place, consisting of 12 islands connected with 117 bridges. It is situated on the Odra river and four of its tributaries. As the largest city of Lower Silesia, it is its administrative, economic and cultural capital. The history of the city looks back over a thousand years and the heritage of the past combines with the modernity of the business centre.

In Wroclaw the history interweaved the lots of Poles, Czechs, Jews, Hungarian, Austrians and Germans. Nations, religions and cultures blended so much that today it is sometimes difficult to say who created what and that gives the unique climate and atmosphere of the city.



Here you can find useful  and practical information about Wroclaw to make your stay comfortable and remarkable:

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